Sports events is particularly a powerful fundraising tool for charities, more especially when the event is live. Planning an event can be overwhelming, more especially for a charity activity. Part of what makes an event challenging is getting people to attend. However, that is half the challenge, given the hassle of organizing the game in the first place. Here’s a breakdown of how to get there:

Decide what the goal is

Depending on why you choose to organize the charity sports events decide beforehand what your goal is. For the most part, people look not charity events as fundraising opportunities or an awareness forum. Having a clear goal in mind helps in strategizing how well you will execute some aspects of the charity, including the budget.

Have a solid budget

An event can stretch you too far apart if you do not have a specific budget to work with at the initial stages of the event. It is safer to work with a budget that is above and beyond the amount you are going to spend on the sports event, to keep the costs in perspective. This way, as you solicit funds, you have more than enough to work with, without having to frustrate some core activities of the day.

Find your players

Now that you have a budget to work with, make it your primary function to find players, whether you are organizing a tournament or a friendly match, you must have your players intact, before sending out any invitations. Establish teams while at it. You can choose whether or not to charge a participation fee. A fee in place is much better in assuring the attendance of the players, lest they bail on you on the actual day of the charity event.

Find a venue

Finding an ideal site is paramount to the success of the event. Given this is a sports charity activity, the venue must be spacious enough for the game or games to be played. On a different note, you must account for space you intend people to sit, whether under tents or in the open. Since it is for a good cause, you might get a good bargain, or even solicit a venue for free.

Indulge in aggressive marketing

The number one indicator of a successful event is in the number of attendees. The more people show up to your game, the better for your charity endeavors. Send invitations as wide and as far as possible. Social media should be your greatest tool, to reach as many interested parties as possible. Come up with posters and flyer that can circulate widely. If you are selling tickets for the event. Ensure you attach an incentive that will draw more people to the event. It could be a giveaway, a scholarship for the winning teams, discounts for group attendees and early birds, to mention a few.

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